Chanel Introduces ‘Gabrielle’: A New Bag Line After Five Years

For the first time in five years, Chanel is introducing a new luxury bag line. Keep reading for all the details!

Gabrielle handbags
Photo credit: Chanel


Coco Chanel has inspired many people and brands around the world. Even her nickname inspired an iconic handbag and fragrance from the French fashion house. However, Chanel now wants to explore a different side of the  designer and have stated that 2017 marks the year of Gabrielle, the often forgotten first name of Coco Chanel.

“This year will be unique because we are boosting at the same time – fragrance and bags, which are the two most important categories in our business,” said Bruno Pavlovsky, president of Chanel fashion. “We believe it makes a lot of sense to highlight Gabrielle in 2017 because in each of our businesses we have a lot to say and also we want to seduce a new clientele.”

la-1487699805-5kg66fpan3-snap-photoEarlier this week, Chanel released the details of its forthcoming line, the brand’s first major new bag model since 2011’s Boy. Karl Largerfeld apparently conceived of the idea from looking at virtual reality goggles and upending the shape. The range features quilted, chain-strapped shoulder bags and bucket-shaped mini backpacks done in classic black lambskin, exotic leathers and a range of colours. The bags will cost $3,000 to about $33,000.

The fashion house also released a video called “Gabrielle: Rebel at Heart”. The first of four short films set to launch throughout the year, it’s an ode to the founder’s audacity and her convictions about female empowerment, daring and freedom.

In April, Chanel will also release the Gabrielle campaign that feature four diverse personalities – Pharrell Williams, the first man in a Chanel handbag campaign, Kristen Stewart, Cara Delevingne and Caroline de Magret. All of these people will be representing different aspects of the brand such as freedom, allure and passion. For the celebration of the designer, Chanel will also launch the Gabrielle perfume in June. According to the brand, it’s a “abstract floral” and a totally new smell.

Watch “Gabrielle: rebel at Heart” below!

screen-shot-2015-01-22-at-11-09-43-amTo read more about Coco Chanel, check out Fashion Industry Broadcast’s Masters of Fashion Vol 37 Paris available on Amazon.

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