OITNB S7: Piper Is Finally Alone & Other Predictions

Throughout the series Piper has longed for autonomy, variety, and most of all, privacy. Season 7 will set her free, and the trailers hint it’s more lonely than she thought.

We’re only four days away from the release of season 7 of our favourite prison show and to get us prepared, I’ve gathered some of my predictions for a few choice characters.

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In Piper and Alex’s tear-jerker ‘prison wedding’, Alex promised to find a way out and Piper promised to wait for her. But how will either woman be able to keep their vows? Alex is a convicted heroin trafficker who has violated parole and been a member of a prison riot. It could take months or years for her to be released, and Piper will be building her own increasingly independent life on the outside. The final scene in Season 6 shows Piper wistfully looking out at the inmates playing in the yard. Needless to say, she will miss the community and the host of friends she has made, and have trouble re-adjusting. Piper will realise that to re-integrate into the outside world she must say goodbye to her life in prison. Including Alex.

Throughout Season 6, the memoir that sparked the whole series was hinted at multiple times. In the latter half of Season 7 Piper will begin to write the memoir and advocate for prison reform just as the real-life Piper does.


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Blanca’s sudden placement in an ICE Immigration Detention Centre, just as she was set for release, broke viewers’ hearts. Boyfriend Diablo, bouquet in hand, was left waiting at the gates for her. I predict some powerful scenes with a deeper political resonance reflecting the Trump administration ICE Detention Centres. Regarding Blanca and Diablo’s relationship, I believe one of two things will occur. Diablo could find out where Blanca is and attempt to free her, first legally then possibly illegally. Or Diablo may never know what became of her, and they are again kept apart after coming so close. Either way, this storyline is sure to be extremely emotional.

There have been some cute moments between fan favourite Daya and new character Domingua “Daddy”. However, Daya’s newfound relationship with drugs is inextricably linked to her relationship with Daddy. While Daddy promises to “take care of her girls”, her actions often say otherwise. Daddy’s group of girls in Litchfield are all addicts, and Daddy controls the drug supply. This does not bode well for Daya, particularly due to hints that a beloved character dies this season. I predict that Daya’s addiction will get out of hand this coming season; she will either get caught smuggling drugs or accidentally overdose.

Happier Endings

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Taystee’s guilty verdict was one of the season’s most impactful moments, and this will of course be a major plot point going forward. A much too tragic writing decision, in my opinion, would be Taystee getting the death penalty. In a series full of tragedy and injustice, this would be going one step too far. The activist support, Caputo’s advocacy, and the fact that Piper will be on the outside too gives me hope. I think there could be an appeal, or new testimonies – however I don’t know if this will completely exonerate her or simply result in a reduced sentence.

Finally, for Red, I foresee the beginning of the season being her ‘darkness before the dawn’. She will fall further into the prison politics and continue seeking revenge on Frieda, even attempting to kill her again. Around the middle end of the season Red will see the error of her ways (potentially aided by Nicky) as she previously chose the chance for revenge over meeting her grandchildren. I predict something of a return to form for Red now that Carol and Barb are gone. She will take better care of her prison family and real family, and regain control of the kitchen.

Season 7 of OITNB premiers on Netflix on the 26th of July 2019.

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