Billie Eilish’s Upcoming Documentary And Apple’s $36m Offer

While Billie wonders where we go when we fall asleep, fans will get to see where Billie goes after her shows in her upcoming documentary, exclusive to Apple+.

Photo Credit: GRAMMY

Fresh off a few Grammy nominations – nothing too major, Billie Eilish is now reportedly working out a deal with Apple+ worth $36m (USD $25m) for an exclusive documentary. Negotiating deals with powerhouses like Apple, the 17-year-old is making her impact felt throughout the industry.

Focused on her life following the release of her debut album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?the documentary will give fans a look into her creative process, personal life and everything in between. Directed by R.J Cutler, the project is a collaboration between the artists’ label and Interscope Records.

Breaking the record for most simultaneously charting Hot 100 songs by a female artist, with 14, Billie is now capitalising on her momentum. The documentary, which has already been shot, is said to have costed between $2 to $3 million and is expected to premiere in 2020.

Billie Eilish with brother, Finneas O’Connell and Zane Lowe. Photo Credit: Billboard

Not one to shy away from talks about mental health issues, the upcoming documentary may shed some light on her touring life and how the industry can take a toll on the brain of a 17-year-old teenager.

“I was probably the most depressed I’ve ever been … It’s interesting to see interviews from back then because you would probably never really notice. I was not doing well, there were all these amazing things happening but still I wasn’t there. Even after the album came out I felt the same way. It took a couple of months to start to feel OK again. That wasn’t because of my career, it was just because I wasn’t in a great place.” said Eilish at the Apple Music Awards.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Billie revealed that touring provided some of the worst parts of a music career. Being absent from her friends and family for an extended period of time is just something the songwriter can’t get used to right now. She also revealed that she’s been on her own wave since day one, creating music without the help of out-of-touch songwriters.

“It was always these 50-year-old men who’d written these ‘big hit songs!’ and then they’re horrible at it. I’m like, ‘You did this a hundred years ago. Ugh.’ No one listened to me, because I was 14 and a girl. And we made ‘Ocean Eyes’ without anyone involved — so why are we doing this?” Eilish told Rolling Stone.

In the midst of streaming wars, Apple+ may be securing themselves a spot with their investment in the 17-year-old. While artists like Beyonce and Travis Scott have partnered up with Netflix in the past to bring forward their documentaries, Billie may be opening up an alternative for artists.

Receiving Golden Globe nominations for their original series, Morning Wars, partnering up with Billie could be the catapult for the streaming service.

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