In my last article, I spoke about using the time lockdown has provided us with. I’ve used my free time already and done home photoshoot. But this week I’m doing home workouts. Pray for me lol.

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If I’m being really honest, I’ve never really liked exercising. I can appreciate those who love working out and can stay motivated. I used to exercise a lot more, I would go on walks/ runs and do very basic home workouts.

But now that we’re all in lockdown and I’m bored as hell with all this free time, I thought; why not try working out. What’s the worst that could happen?

My Instagram, Tiktok and YouTube feeds have been filled with home workouts and exercise plans for a while now. I couldn’t escape it. So, with the world trying it I thought why not give it a go.

I didn’t have to spend that long looking for some inspiration, there was so much variety to choose from. I was stuck between Instagram and Tiktok. But I decided to focus on Instagram as I have seen and gotten most of my inspiration from there. With thousands of hashtags dedicated to working out, like: #quarantineworkout, #homeworkouts, #workoutfromhome.

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Morning cardio #tiktok session ?

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There were so many videos and posts about different workouts and levels of exercise. Some of them needed equipment and some didn’t. I was lucky to have some old workout equipment laying around, but some people may not.

It was nice and sunny so I decided to workout outside. I decided to start with a light and easy workout. I started light cardio exercises. Like Burpees and decline push-ups. I used some of the equipment I had as well as some of my outdoor furniture.


I kind of enjoyed exercising, but I wanted to try other types. I looked through Instagram again and saw a lot of yoga. I’ve kind of been interested to try it. I only did basic yoga stretches because I didn’t want to hurt myself as I had never done it before.

I’ve spent the last two days doing home workouts, it’s been fun if I’m being honest. Will I stay motivated to do it every day? Maybe not, but I will try to do more of it. I’ve been walking and running more so I think ill stick to that but I might mix it up and do some home workouts too.

So, I did a home Workouts this week and I think it went well. As I continue to spend the next couple of weeks trying to gain a more open-minded approach, I’ll be trying out Meditation next week.

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