The Avalanches Remix ‘Criminals’ By DMA’S

Aussie electronic music group The Avalanches have released an electro-charged remix of DMA’s track ‘Criminals’ off their new album The Glow

Photo Credit: The Verge

Along with a bunch of other releases this year, The Avalanches have released a crackling vinyl-like static remix of DMAs’ track ‘Criminals’ that echoes of nostalgia with voice samples and electronic sounds that float around smooth vocals.

The 7 minute remix brings together in perfect cohesion DMAs’ soulful track with The Avalanches distinct electronic and neo-psychedelia sound. In this new remix, The Avalanches show their ability to create sounds and intricate musical narratives by adding layers to an already stunning song.

Both artists have been teasing the remix on their respective social media sites in the weeks leading up to its release with screenshots of the remix’s creation.

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DMAs’ album The Glow was released in July showcasing their talent as creative geniuses. In our review of DMAs’ new album, we said:

Fresh, energetic and full of electronic indie-rock energy is one way to describe DMAs new euphoric third album The Glow, which infuses the band’s classic Britpop sound amongst new themes and genres.” 

DMA’s and their original song ‘Criminals’ was the last song to be released off The Glow prior to the album’s release, alongside tracks ‘Silver’ and ‘Life Is A Game Of Changing. ‘Criminals’ was also released with a music video upon its release.

The Avalanches remix of ‘Criminals’ is their fifth single released in 2020 after ‘We Will Always Love You’, ‘Running Red Lights’, ‘Wherever You Go’, and ‘Reflecting Light’. The band have currently finished working on their third album which follows their 2016 album Wildflower. In an Instagram post, the band told fans “we delivered our 3rd album for mastering late last night.”

The DMA’s have recently performed a series of acoustic shows in Sydney to promote the band’s The Glow album. O’Dell told NME Australia earlier this year, “We’ve grown as a band…We knew this record needed to be the record where we did push ourselves.”

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