AVAVAV Monster Shoes Divide the Internet

Beate Karlsson’s monstrous shoe creations are making quite a splash online.

Credit: AVAVAV

Sustainable fashion label AVAVAV’s goal is to traverse the divide between the present day and the sartorial possibilities of the future. The Scandinavian-designed, Florence-based company aims to make planet-conscious choices while pushing the boundaries of fashion.

And the label’s debut collection is certainly causing a stir on social media. The signature ‘Bloody Feet’ four-toed boots in particular have catapulted the collection across the internet. Made to resemble human innards, the boots extend outwards from the body, creating strange new sillhouettes. They’re avant-garde, they’re gory. And some are even touting them as a rival to the iconic Margiela Tabi.

The surreal designs come from the twisted mind of Beate Karlsson, AVAVAV’s new creative director.

Speaking to Paper Magazine, Karlsson said,

“My pieces have long been a product of trying to liberate myself from known shapes…”

“I’ve felt that approaching otherness in the contemporary fashion landscape has been an effective vehicle to change some of the most pressing errors of the industry, while still being just about fruition of innovation.”

The boots are just one part of a wider collection that features extremely wide jeans, and hoodies printed with “We Only Made 21 of These”.  Each AVAVAV piece is constructed from luxury deadstock fabric which is locally-sourced and locally-made.

The label is already amassing a cult following. Check out the bizarre boots below:

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