FASHION INDUSTRY BROADCAST has just released its groundbreaking new ART BOOK title ALEXANDER MCQUEEN, the fourth release in their RENEGADES OF FASHION series.

Alexander McQueen | Credit: Photographed by Tim Walker

One only needed to look at the nature of Alexander McQueen’s work – the inherent violence and melancholy in every piece – to see there was a deep and permeable wound at the core of the young designer. He put everything into his work including it is said, “his dreams, nightmares and fears”.

In this lavish 450-page hardcover picture book we explore the life and tragic death of fashion’s genius ‘enfant terrible’…

From his first collection, funded with dole money all the way to his multi-million dollar empire – it’s clear that people wanted whatever he was selling, however controversial. In February of 2010, the rebel designer would shock the world one final time, ending his longstanding battle with depression. Millions mourned the loss of his genius whilst those closest to him recalled the humble man behind the curtain.

On the eve of his beloved mother’s funeral McQueen – just 40 years young, gave into a debilitating orgy of cocaine and sleeping pills; to find him by morning – strung from the neck in his bedroom closet by his favourite belt.

In his final moments, Lee scrawled a note in his beloved drawing book; there, sidled between illustrations of Frankensteinian monsters and concept sketches for the romantically Gothic pieces he had made his name crafting, he left a final message to the outside world:

Take care of my dogs. Sorry. I love you. Lee.

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