Springtime comes to life in Armani’s newest men’s collection. Within it, Giorgio Armani highlights a more subtle look for Spring of 2023.

Credit: A&E Magazine

Giorgio Armani gives us a collection which is light and airy this time. It’s perfect for a nice spring evening. Male models did the pieces justice with their tall elegant frames; giving off a too-cool-to-care vibe. Continuous overlapping layers control the looks. This allows for freedom when it comes to styling. As well as, the ability to transform a look from a chilly spring morning to a sunny warm afternoon. Accessories and complementary shades give the collection plenty of personality. This helps to create some harmony amongst the subtle line.


Soft greys and whites complement the blue theme. Taking inspiration from a clear spring sky, the items complement the sweet feeling of springtime.

Credit: Giorgio Armani Website

Elements of comfort, luxe and vibrant sensuality bring the collection to life. Appealing to all aspects of life, the collection is appropriate for all occasions. Individually, the pieces reflect the look of working attire. However, that it not how it is meant to be worn.

Credit: Giorgio Armani Website

Full-length pants are cut open at the ankle to give off a breezy feeling. Half-moon sunglasses compliment Armani’s asymmetrical neckline designs. The collection hits current trends with cargo pants, cropped shirts and beachy undertones.

Credit: Giorgio Armani Website

On another note, Armani made a comment that he thought sneakers were out. Instead, he adapted a Derby Sandal with Velcro-fastened espadrilles and cut-out uppers. Sandals seem to be replacing the more heavy sneaker.

The outfits are designed for casual strolls in the park, garden weddings, a chic picnic on the beach or a late afternoon lunch. The additional bonus of soft layering pieces means continuous versatility, accommodating an array of tastes.


On the paler side of the collection, a large range of soft-shouldered suits finds pairing with long flowing shirts. The runway showcases an array of formal blouses worn with ties. Jackets draw their inspiration from menswear paradigms from India to South East Asia.

During the show, Armani shifted the mood to showcase a few different designs. Moving away from blues and greys, soft yellows and greens made an appearance. The spring vibe took a turn with open featherweight seersucker jackets over bare chests. Seaside designs adorned comfortable sweatshirts. And finally, blousons in quirky necktie prints are matched with loose-fitting trousers.

Check out the full presentation below:

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