Mutlitfaceted platform, bettter dreams of peace in their new MRIYA drop_09. In collaboration with Dover Street Market, one is urged to enter the dream, a boundless yet enveloping space where a kaleidoscopic set is scored with a techno pulse and stamped with bright liveliness and DIY spontaneity – an embodiment of Ukrainian rave spirit and spaces.

Credit: Bettter

MRIYA_09 in many ways pays homage to the rave culture in Ukraine. For bettter, the Kyiv rave scene epitomises the essence of resistance informed by an uncompromised boldness and innovativeness. The collection thus embodies notions of protest against imposed social and ethical norms and escapism – the desire for pleasure inherent to Ukraine’s rave movement.

With Mriya meaning ‘dream’ in Ukrainian, it seems that bettter dreams of peace amongst a country crippled by the Russian invasion. As bettter reveals, “Right now raves are something we can only dream of, which we do, cherishing our bright past and hoping for a brighter future. Come and experience this dream with us!”

The Underground

Ukrainian capital Kyiv has become famed for its underground rave scene. From DIY venues at abandoned factory buildings or skateparks, the immersive heavy techno space is where you can find people adorned in sports jackets, dancing like there’s no tomorrow.

MRIYA manifests this fresh DIY sprits of the in a hybridised melting pot where playful and colourful constellations of tailored silhouettes and sportswear meets functionality, utopianism and Bettter’s inherent elegance. In what bettter refers to as ‘experience wear’, the MRIYA_09 collection is meant to be an experience in and of itself.

Credit: Bettter

The design is informed by a belief that it is unnecessary to produce new garments. The collection consists of entirely recycled and repurposed textiles. These include camping tents, sleeping bags and cycling gear. MRIYA_09 offers one-of-a-kind pieces. They take the shape of tailored two-layered transformer coats, bold yet graceful capes stamped with geometric shapes; oversized shirts with patchwork sleeve detailing and matching ties. Tailored straight-leg trousers juxtaposed with sewn-in neon green tracking shorts at the waistband to swimming suits, short-sleeved rash vests and jersey patchwork crop tops.

In this collection, the bettter system pushes the bounds of experimentation, solidifying its manifesto of authenticity. Each piece being unique, offered in a range of colours or a one-of-a-kind pattern of the buyer’s choice.

Smart Design Algorithms

Credit: Bettter

Bettter values the process of upcycling technologies to be the most significant factor in the transition towards a sustainable society. Responsible for inventing and developing unique smart design algorithms – SDAs, bettter acknowledges that upcycling is a design technique and production method which consistently informs their work.

The process of converting old gems into entirely new pieces is thanks to these SDA’s. They successfully transform articles of waste into covetable objects of design.

The bettter philiosphy isn’t solely dedicated to creating and selling clothing however. They also aim to create a responsible supply system. Thus assimilating a passionate collective of like-minded people. This assists in formng new and sustainable habits; whilst facilitating important conversations.

Thus, bettter urge us all to commit to the resistance, to “Join us in this peaceful protest. Wear your bettter garments as an intelligent discourse and embrace the history of transformation.”

The MRIYA_09 collection is ready to pre-order on bettter’s website. Check out the 360 degree VR experience of MRIYA_09 down below!

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