This week, an emotional video is trending on YouTube. It shows Shane Hawkins, the son of late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, performing “My Hero” at the Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert.

Credit: Youtube

In this week’s top trending YouTube clip, the 16-year-old, Oliver Shane Hawkins, hits the drums during a tribute concert to his father. Dave Grohl, the lead singer of Foo Fighters says,

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have one more drummer that’s going to come up and play with us, and let me tell you I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone hit the drums as hard as this person, but beyond that, he’s a member of our family.”

Credit: Youtube

The concert, held on Wembley Stadium was full of stars. According to the Guardian, “Hawkins, treasured by the Foos’ loyal fans for his skills as a drummer and songwriter, his abundant ebullience onstage and in music videos, and his obvious affectionate kinship with Grohl, would hold tight to that drum stool for 25 years, until his untimely death”.

The money collected from concert tickets and merchandise sales will go to a variety of charities. These were selected by the Hawkins family, who helped organise the event.

The popularity of this clip shows us that people are looking for musical content which has an emotional undertone. It is similar to popular snippets of variety shows with a sad story to accompany an act. People obviously like to feel emotionally connected to the on-screen action in a personal way. Long live Taylor Hawkins and his legacy!

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