Kat Clark delivers a healthy mother-daughter dynamic to her fans – and we are living for her TikTok posts. Although there are debates and backlash surrounding her parenting choices, there’s no doubt that the influencer is on the path to mega success.

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It was her TikTok clips, styling her daughter’s hair that put her on the map. But it’s the story of her past that has us all intrigued.

From 16 and Pregnant to 36 and Powerful

TikTok influencer, Kat Clark, is quite open about her past, from fleeing her religious family after falling pregnant to escaping an abusive partner – making her journey one worth hearing.

Open about her past with the issue, Kat Clark shared in a TikTok video that she was just a teenager when her boyfriend’s abusive treatment began.

And the trauma didn’t stop there – it was merely the beginning. After falling pregnant at 17, Clark had no choice but to flee Brisbane after receiving disapproval from her religious family, leaving her living with her abusive partner on Thursday Island in Cape York.

“There are about 3000 people on Thursday Island and I was one of them. It’s humid, it’s isolating, it’s terrible,”

Clark tells The Oz. “When he started getting abusive I felt like I couldn’t go back home because of the way I had left my family to be with him. So I just stayed there and it got worse and worse and worse.”

And when work opportunities relocated Clark and her partner to Cairns, she realised she could change her living conditions.

Reconnecting With Family

Saving up $1 a day in secret for 50 days, the now-influencer was able to purchase a burner phone and reconnect with her family and friends back in Brisbane.

“I started saving money for a phone because by that stage he was controlling my finances, he wasn’t letting me see anyone and he was controlling what I was wearing,” she shared on TikTok.

“Once I had saved up enough, I bought one of those little burner phones from the Telstra shop, and hid it in my daughter’s tiny wardrobe under a stack of clothes.”

“I reconnected with my old friends and after six months I started to build up the confidence to leave. I ended up jumping on a train with my daughter. Once I got to Townsville I sent him one last text telling him I would never see him again.”

“Then, I threw my phone in the bin, jumped back on the train and went all the way to Brisbane.”

A Heartfelt Tale

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Her story is one felt deeply by women, not just in Australia, and this is exactly what Clark intended by sharing her story. She wasn’t in it for the fame, she was in it to connect with and empower women in similar situations to help them lower through and find their bearings.

“There was a time when I was probably getting consistently around 50 to 100,000 views on every single video that I posted,” she said, speaking of the moment she realised she could make an impact.

“And I remember I went to the State of Origin game, and they had on the sign saying there were 45,000 people in the stadium. I looked around, and I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh, the amount of people that are here right now actually watching me.’ It was just mind blowing for me at that moment.”

The 37-year-old mother of two, now has a following of 2 million on TikTok and 136,000 on Instagram. Living in a waterfront home on the Gold Coast, accompanied by her two daughters, Latisha and Deja, as well as her husband Jonathan, it is clear that Kat Clark has definitely turned her life around and she has become a national inspiration to women in all sorts of terrible situations.

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