The collaboration of the English actress Daisy Edgar-Jones and Italian brand Gucci is continuing. This time, the collection gives us some classic Gucci – the house’s signature GG Marmont bag. With a series of films and stills produced by Gucci and Dazed, they successfully take us back to the old good days.

Credit: Gucci

Gucci signature, GG Marmont, is back! In a retro Hollywood setting, features like matelassé leather and Double G stand out. 

To correspond with the idea, they collaborate with the stunning actress Daisy Edgar-Jones. They film a series of film and image shots, delivering us the golden age of Hollywood.

Imagination and Nostalgia

In a special series of films in collaboration with Dazed, Daisy Edgar-Jones starts the scene by looking straight at the camera with a GG Marmont bag. Through seeing herself in the handheld mirror, the scene transits to the mirror on a scooter. Soon after, she is high-heeled on the scooter, zooming by a landscape facade.

The next scene is Edgar-Jones in Audrey Hepburn style waving to her fans from a balcony. A Rapunzel-like rope is left hanging, waiting for someone to hoist themselves up. And ends up leaving a white GG Marmont and the imagination to the audience.

Credit: Gucci

Edgar-Jones is a young English actress starring in many popular films such as “Normal People” and “War of the Worlds”. Seeing the collaboration between her and Gucci is no surprise. She often shows up with gowns by the fashion house on red carpets. And runway shows, including the most recent: Twinsburg.

Her elegant, chic and sweet style suits the GG Marmont bags so well. The video also presents the hottest bags of recent years, with a sense of magic and a nostalgic undertone.

When it was first introduced in 2016, Alessandro Michele applied a vintage emblem from a 1970s belt to a shoulder bag made of matelassé leather. And it becomes a mainstay collection and develops into a variety range including totes, camera bags and bucket bags.

Credit: Gucci

All of this results in a really gorgeous GG day, one that is elegantly seen via rose-gold-tinted glasses. The timeless spirit of the Marmont bags will continue spreading in the future.

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