“You” Season 4, part 2 has been officially released on Netflix. Still contemplating whether you want to add this to your weekend binge? Read more to find out.

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Every time you tune into the newest season of “You” starring Penn Badgeley, a thought that surely crosses your mind is that this season should end things for good. However, learned “You” fans know that’s definitely not the case. The maniacal adventures of the legendary Joe Goldberg get crazier by the episode – and the vibe amps up several notches.

You Season 4, part 2 brings great momentum to compensate for the slightly sloppy part 1 of the same season. It seems to have been a smart choice to release the season in 2 parts. They did work out some magic from the feedback they received for part 1 – and left the juiciest and most terrorising bits of the crazy saga for the viewers to witness and digest in part 2.

“You” Season 4, Part 2 throws some Crazy Curve Balls

Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in episode 408 of You | Credit: Rotten Tomatoes

From Goldberg’s hallucinations and dark side almost getting the better of him, to power-hungry and blood-thirsty media moguls prying like sly tigers in the wild, the latter half of season 4 will leave you bewildered. As expected, it’s the wildest-case scenario – when Goldberg holds the reigns, he affects all of those whom he associates with.

Should you be prepared for wacky plot twists and curve balls? Absolutely… A massive yes! A huge twist hits the bull’s eye in recapturing the show’s infamous and ironically chaotic energy. This essentially reshapes the narrative, as well as the show’s direction for good.

This is especially crucial since the former half of the season was slightly disappointing and underwhelming.

Promising Character Developments

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A special shout-out goes to Ed Speleers who plays the role of Rhys Montrose. The on-screen love and hate-chemistry that Rhys and Joe share is simply effortless.

Additionally, the character development of Lady Phoebe, played by Tilly Keeper is something that viewers could look forward to. The makers surely do full justice to her role, giving her a befitting and well-deserved future.

Watch out for some special appearances – some blasts from the past.

Professor Moore, a.k.a. Joe Goldberg’s students Nadia and Edward try putting their best foot forward and try to get some justice restored while a tormented Goldberg deals with his mental agonies. Their on-screen presence makes for a pleasant romantic side-track.

An important message

Besides the drama, the show also sheds light on the importance of seeking out help in case of mental health issues, and how disastrous the turn of events could be for a person when mental trauma goes untreated.

Our Verdict

To summarize, everyone’s favourite anti-hero does come home, however rooting for the creepy and toxic Goldberg will always be a long debate. Anyway, it is evidently exhausting to always support and celebrate the fatal anti-hero, who is on a killing spree.

The cast can seem inconsistent, the satire is a tad bit shallow, and the twists are somewhat predictable – but somehow this show ends up being the hottest and most scandalous OTT fiasco that is absolutely impossible to resist.

Check out the official trailer, below:

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