Rocko’s Post-Modern Life: A Brief Look At The ’90s Resurgence

You guessed it, yet another ‘90s TV classic has been handed the reboot baton. Warner Bros. announced this week that they’re hoping to reincarnate everyone’s favourite intergalactic family The Jetsons with a live-action TV reboot. It is by no means ‘breaking news’ that the ‘90s are undergoing a resurgence of Biggie proportions, but let’s take a look at what trends have been revived so far…

The Jetsons. Photo credit: Entrepreneur

Look, there is no denying that ‘90s nostalgia is well and truly kicking. This week alone has welcomed news of The Jetsons reboot; the release of the new Tommy Jeans line with a distinct ‘90s inspiration; and one of our writers admitting to a dungarees addiction… overalls, we’d say it’s been a rather telling week.

From rumours of a Rocko’s Modern Life reboot to a Hey Arnold movie, we are bloody thrilled that we will get to relive the excitement of running home from school to park in front of the TV (with a Dunkaroo… or two) for an afternoon of your favourite cartoons. Or will we? It’s risky biscuits to tamper with an old favourite… say, Jumanji for example.

Sure, the forthcoming Jumanji 2: Welcome to the Jungle is merely a sequel to the 1995 classic so we can rest assured that no one is looking to replace the esteemed Robin Williams. With Dwayne Johnson, Jack and Kevin Hart in starring roles, we can only assume this version is going to be the slapstick cousin to the cult classic. Dwayne and his signature brow raise may be the only remnant tying this remake to its ‘90s ancestor, and its only saving grace. Make your own mind up about this rumble in the jungle.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in Jumanji 2: Welcome to the Jungle. Photo credit: Cosmic Book News

Some things are better left untouched. Fashion, on the other hand? This is where our favourite decade continues to thrive.

Tommy Hilfiger has just dropped some fresh ‘90s-inspired daks with its new Tommy Jeans line. Think, blue stonewash threads teamed with oversized logo tops and basketball-style sport luxe pieces. Our hey-day was all about climbing trees and playing with tech-decks in stylish comfort. We’ve since graduated to fidget spinners, but our bodies still crave the comfort of an oversized vintage tee and some baggy, boyfriend jeans.

Tommy Hilfiger’s new Tommy Jeans line. Photo credit: Sidewalk Hustle

The Beguiled star Elle Fanning rocked a headband earlier this week – thrilling news, right? That girl debuts a fresh band at every event. However, we couldn’t help but notice the accessory heavily featured in Chanel’s Resort 2018 presentation. Dust off your old headbands and release your inner Cher Horowitz. Go on, don that headache-inducing crown – you total Betty.

Elle Fanning at the Miu Miu cruise 2018 collection. Photo credit: InStyle

As for our favourite ’90s artists, Darude is still whipping up a ‘Sandstorm’ worldwide, while Britney Spears has us forever questioning her ‘prerogative’ as she seamlessly transitions from pop icon to photographer? She’s so lucky, she’s a star.

At the start of the year, Ashanti and Ja Rule proved they were ‘Always On Time’ taking advantage of the ’90s resurgence, touring Australia with Eve in tow.

This weekend marks the opening of the ‘I LOVE THE ’90s‘ tour, with headliners Vanilla Ice, Salt N Pepa, Coolio and Young MC spreading nostalgia across the country.

As with any pop culture resurgence, there are elements that will sink faster than the Titanic and those that will No Doubt be perennially relevant. As long as filmmakers keep their hands off Shawshank we’ll be happy.

Are there any ’90s trends you’re totally buggin’ on? Or dying to see make a comeback? Comment below, ya filthy animals.