Trend Report 92: The “Deep Fake” Phenomenon; Part of the ACCELERATION Trend of AI

Hi I’m Paul Roberts welcome to my PODCAST Channel “THE FUTURE” where I cover BREAKING TRENDS FROM AROUND THE WORLD.

In our ever accelerating times, keeping ahead of the latest breaking news and trends from the world’s of fashion, music, film, art, tech, activism, is a time consuming daily challenge ? Sure the information is all out there, but it is a time consuming ordeal to scan all the necessary sources. As Darwin said survival depends on how quickly you can adapt.

The future belongs to those who prepare today.

Back in 1969, the idea of getting money from a machine in the wall was a brand new and exciting concept – instant cash! The first cash machines had a withdraw limit of $25, and the machine used to hold your card.Seems pretty primitive by today’s standard. And whilst it seemed to arrive out of nowhere, the early signs were already easily seen. But seeing this innovation a trained observer could easily see the extension of this and where it would eventually go. These signs are all around us, you just need to observe them in the right manner.

Would you like to know what the next Amazon, Facebook or Apple will be ? Well I can guarantee you that there will be a new batch of world changing innovations soon to arrive, and I can also assure you that you will have never heard of them before, because the next big thing always springs from the underground, but don’t worry, I have a few clues to share with you.

I have been fascinated by the so called “Next Big Thing” my entire life and as a Futurist, Trend analyst and forecaster of such things, I can say confidently that these world changing innovations occur at the right time, to address a latent unmet consumer need. Granted certain market shifts and changes often facilitate the development of these disruptions, but if you are skilled enough to read the emerging trends, and then overlap these with projections of unmet consumer needs, you will have the intersection of opportunity and practicality, when this happens you have the perfect foundations for something remarkable and world changing to emerge. Uber, AirBNB, Netflix, Smartphone to name just a few examples.

If you know where to look you can see the elements starting to form. It is really a matter of tracking and projecting out the Trends and overlaying them with then Opportunities. Then all you need is the right product concept packaged in the correct fashion, and introduced in the right fashion and an uncanny alchemic combustion is possible.

My aim for this Series of Trend Predictions is to provide you a framework that attempts to decode the chaos to make sense of emerging trends and insights, and most importantly, help you understand why these trends resonate with consumers and what might be next, by showing some examples, so as to help you brainstorm for success in the next 3-5 years.

As Author William Gibson once famously said “The future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed yet”

In this Trend Report No 92 I will be looking at the rise of the ‘Deep Fake’  phenomenon which is subset of the Artificial Intelligence trend.

There are concerns, and there are also some opportunities.

I think it’s pretty fair to say that life keeps accelerating, developments in technology, computing power, robotics, artificial intelligence all seem to be supercharging each other as we race to a Kurzweilian ‘Singularity’ where humans inevitably merge with machine intelligence. I can remember pondering what that was going to look like almost 20 years ago. They say that science fiction always predicts what is soon to arrive, it’s just that the date and form is always unclear. So it has been anticipated for the longest time that there will be some Rise of Intelligent machines and humankind would be forced to a cross roads.

“Deepfake” technology, is an AI machine-learning technique that superimposes smart technology to people’s faces changing their appearance to create highly realistic–but fake–videos. You can see this one where Obama is voiced by an actor.

Other manifestations of “Deep Fake” films include celebrity “Deep Fake” porn, and films featuring famous actors, notably Nicholas Cage.

The Deep Fake software works using machine learning. It’s first trained with a target face. Distorted images of the target are run through the algorithm and it learns how to correct them to resemble the unaltered target face. When the algorithm is then fed images of a different person, it assumes they’re distorted images of the target, and attempts to correct them. To get video, the Deep Fake software operates on every frame individually.

The reason that Deep Fakes have largely just involved actors is that there is a lot of footage of them available from different angles which makes training more effective (Nicolas Cage has). However, given the amount photos and video people post online and that you really only need about 500 images to train the algorithm, anyone can have their identity swapped, and it’s going to get impossible to detect.

On a more positive note  “Deepfake”  is also now being used to produce content by brands as well as those aiming to bring awareness to its potential, realities, and dangers. With fear growing about how this technology will continue to impact social and political issues, exposing these possibilities incites consumers to be more critical of what they see online.

AI Generated Celebrity Voices

Do you listen to the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast ? Well DESSA’s Joe Rogan AI Voice is extremely accurate. And if you are listening to a Podcast of a “Deep Fake” Joe Rogan it’s pretty much impossible to detect.

Machine Learning Music Videos

Even Charlie XCX’s music video utilises Deepfake technology.


Deepfake Salvadore Dalí Video Experiences

The Dalí Museum Uses AI Tech to Bring the Surrealist Back to Life.

As consumers become more concerned about how to discern what’s real and what’s fake online, creative endeavours that educate instead of sensationalise are allowing them to be more informed and empowered in how they engage with content. In an era where digital exploitation, “fake news” and misinformation are already rampant, “Deep Fake” techniques have the potential to accelerate these issues. However, with brands creating more constructive useful campaigns, it’s clear that the technology can also make an impact in industries related to everything from marketing to art.

In the next 3-5 years, how can you be 100% sure what you are watching is real ? And how can you or your company ensure that you’re leaving a positive and accurate brand imprint online? And on the positive side how could you use the ‘Deep Fake’ phenomenon for the positive ? Let me know your thoughts on the impact of the ‘Deep Fake’ phenomenon ?


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